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Posted: April 23, 2009 in Victim's Rights
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When I first started with MADD in 1999,  it seems like a decade!  Nebraska had passed Victim Rights Legislation but no enacting legislation.  If you haven’t been around government or senators that sounds odd but if you have been in the rotunda it is not suprising  that there is a cart but no horse, so to say.

In 2004, many thanks to Senator Kermit Brashear for introducing and navigating the enacting legislation to ensure all victims have the right to be notified about court and  provide a Victim Impact Statement.  As we prepare for Crime Victim’s Rights Week, I want to reflect on how far we have come in our state to support those impacted by crime.  binoculars

I pulled up the MADD Press Release for your review. 

Sometimes we need to look through more than one lens to see the big picture!


MADD Lauds Unicameral For Leveling Scales Of Justice

Legislature passes Victims Rights Enacting Legislation, in LB 270, 41 to 4.



NEWS RELEASE                                                    Contact:

For Immediate Release                                            Simera Reynolds, 402-434-5330



Lincoln, NE (February 25,2004) – Mothers Against Drunk Driving applauds state senators for ensuring that crime victims have basic rights in the criminal justice system, including the right to be notified, the right to be present and to be heard at their defendents’ proceedings.

          “As a victim who has had the opportunity to speak in Federal Court in New Mexico, I am pleased that victims that have been affected by drunk driving will now be granted that opportunity in Nebraska,” state Jerry Beller.  Beller, the MADD State Organization, and its members have been advocating for the adoption of enacting legislation that grants victims the right to be informed about their criminal case.

“ There has been an inconsistency among county attorneys when it comes to providing victims’ rights and this legislation will go a long ways toward unifying the fairness and equitable treatment of victims across the state,” explained Reynolds, executive director for MADD Nebraska.  This is an important day for all crime victims.

This legislation will become law ninety days after the legislature ends April 15, 2004. Nebraska will join 32 other states that currently have similar victim’s rights provisions. 


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