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The other, day here at MADD, we had a document from our HR department telling us how to wash our hands in order to prevent spreading of the H1N1 virus. sneeze All during the summer, I have heard about the West Nile virus and the need to wear long sleeves, use bug repellant, and to see a doctor if certain symptoms appear.

And who out there hasn’t heard about a spinach contamination or peanut butter contamination?

As I was interviewed today by a student working on a college paper for a public health class all of these items were brought up.  No doubt there is a lot of concern for public safety.

Where there is concern for public safety there is concern for impaired driving. Just for a moment take time to contemplate the risk that we take daily when we make the choice to drive.  Driving is probably one of the most dangerous daily tasks we undertake on a routine basis.

In our state, 1 person dies every 5 days because someone made the choice to get behind the wheel of a 2,000 pound bullet over the legal blood alcohol limit and aim it at an innocent driver.

We can prepare by buckling up, we can prepare by not letting our friends get distracted while driving us, we can prepare by making sure we don’t ever ride with a drinking driver and that we always designate a sober driver.

The student interviewing me kept asking why do you think drunk driving takes place, what do think we need to do to stop it?  I stated if we only reacted to drunk driving in the manner we react to H1N1 then we would certainly gain ground on preventing drunk driving injuries and deaths – prevention.  Drunk driving is 100% preventable.  We have the cure!  Now it is up to all of us to set the example.  Sneeze into your shoulder, wash your hands, use bug repellent and never drink & drive.

Simera Reynolds, M.Ed.



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September 24, 2009

 Father and Son Arrested for Driving Impaired 

(North Platte, NE)-  A 53-year-old Gothenburg man was arrested for driving under the influence after bailing his 19-year-old son out of jail for the same charge.images

Around 1:30 a.m., on Saturday, September 19, 2009, a trooper stopped a 1997 Buick Skylark for a broken taillight at 1st and Washington Streets in Gothenburg.  The driver of the vehicle, 19-year-old Trevor Brown of Gothenburg, was found to be intoxicated and was arrested for Driving While Impaired and Minor in Possession of Alcohol.   Brown was transported and lodged in the Dawson County Jail in Lexington.   While in jail, the younger Brown called his father to come and get him.

Shortly after 3:30 a.m., Saturday, September 19, 2009, 53-year-old Anthony Brown, of Gothenburg, arrived at the jail to bail his son out.   A trooper at the jail observed the elder Brown to be intoxicated and warned him not to drive.   About 45 minutes later, the trooper observed Anthony Brown and his son leave the jail and get into a 2001 Dodge Ram Pickup, with the elder Brown driving the vehicle.   The trooper stopped the pickup and arrested Anthony Brown for Driving Under the Influence.  The elder Brown was then lodged in the Dawson County Jail.jailbars

“These arrests show parental actions do have an influence on our children,” said Captain Jim Parish, Troop D Commander.  “I want to commend our troopers for continuing to work the situation.  By doing so, we were able to take two impaired drivers off our streets, and possibly save lives in the process.”



I was awakened in the morning yesterday by the phone ringing at 7:30 a.m.  Never a good thing when the phone rings too early or too late!

phone0961It was my daughter and her voice was quivering as she blurted out “the car”………now working at MADD and working with car crashes those are tough words to wake up to “the car”. 

Well during the night someone broke into their car. Stealing everything they could out of the dashboard, breaking windows and jamming the doors.  It appears the car will be totaled.

As my daughter talked excitedly about what had happened to their worldly possession I have to admit that all I was thinking, selfishly, was that luckily nothing happened to my worldly possession – my daughter and son-in-law.

She called Lincoln Police Department, they dispatched an officer.  Now I did not know that this time frame is a tough time for LPD: with shift changes and routine workweek traffic.  With that stated I do want to say that LPD was more than supportive, respectful and understanding of the incident that took place.  To a mom that means a lot!

Crime is a tough pill to swallow and even tougher when it involves your family.  That is why I want to remind everyone that MADD is here to support you when you or your family member has been impacted by a drunk driver.  We can help be a shoulder, support your conversations with insurance agents, educate on how the criminal justice system works and if needed accompany you to court.VictimServicesLogo96x68  Contact us here at MADD: 

Last, remember to support your local law enforcement agency by supporting them through the annual budget process.  When budgets are tight do we really want less enforcement?  It is important that community members let their city councils and county boards know that they want and need enforcement on the ground – it could be you answering the phone and your daughter saying “the car”.

Simera Reynolds, M.Ed.


I have to tell you I just feel so privileged that community organizations like Reruns R Fun pick MADD to support – helping us to make a difference in the community.  Thursday MADD will get a donation alongside the La Vista Fire Fighters Association. 

CAS Picnic/Celebrating Life

CAS Picnic/Celebrating Life

For MADD this will allow us to serve victims impacted by drunk driving, hold our annual picnic in the Greater Omaha Area, continue support groups and maintain our volunteers through the active Community Action Site.

But most of all let’s look at the great good that has been done by Reruns R Fun. In the past 6 years, Reruns R Fun has given over $1.5 million worth of donations to various organizations. All proceeds from each sale are donated to local and international organizations that aim to improve health and educational opportunities for children. Over 70 organizations have benefited from Reruns’ generosity.

Reruns R Fun is Omaha’s longest running children’s consignment sale (13 years and going!) and the area’s ONLY sale that is not-for-profit! Reruns has the honor of being the nation’s largest Non-Profit children’s consignment sale.

MADD and our members are grateful to Reruns R Fun for their support of our mission: to stop drunk driving, support victims of this violent crime and prevent underage drinking.

A BIG thank you!

Simera Reynolds, M.Ed.

Designate a Sober Driver Even When boating

Designate a Sober Driver Even When boating

MADD is most disheartened to read about yet another drunk boating fatality in the greater Omaha area.  Our support goes out to the family of the victim. Here at MADD we applaud the Douglas County Attorney for putting forth manslaughter. When a person makes the choice to drink and drive, any vehicle, over the legal limit that person simply must be held accountable.

In 2205, CBS Early Show did a report highlighting Drunk Boating. The Judge in this report was on the fore front and we can only hope our Douglas County Judges take the same hard look at Drunk Boating.

Here in Nebraska, MADD asks everyone to Designate a Sober Driver image712672gwhen making plans to engage in any recreational activity: Golfing, Boating, ATV, Hunting. 

Nationwide 40% of boating fatalities involved alcohol – that is 100% preventable.

Simera Reynolds, M.Ed

State Executive Director

I have worked with victims across the state and I have to tell you many of them are so forgiving and want to think the very best of the circumstance they have been handed. jailbars

 With that said, I can simply state if an offender breaks the law we, as a society, must hold him/her acountable to the highest extent that the law allows or the offender will simply snicker of into the sunset.

 Robinson, after killing two passengers in his car in 2007, was again picked up for drunk driving. I wish I could say this comes as a shock. However, it doesn’t and all it does is serves as a strong reminder: wishing people would do the right thing doesn’t make them do it.

Robinson knew what he was doing, he had intent, he knew he was underage and his BAC was .09 at 7:30 a.m. He is 20 years old and it is high time that we all make sure the courts do not allow diversion and that he is indeed held to the highest standard of the law – jail. 

MADD supports the rights of the victim’s first and foremost – we all should. Let the Sarpy County Attorney’s office know your concern for the community. 

Simera Reynolds, M.Ed.