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Posted: November 2, 2009 in Mothers Against Drunk Driving
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 Letter To The Editor From MADD Nebraska

LettersToTheEditor1_0It was disappointing to read Mr. Rex Alberts comments in the Kearney Hub demonizing MADD

I have been the Executive Director of MADD Nebraska for 10 years. I can assure you I was not impacted by drunk driving when I sought the job; rather I have a Masters Degree in Public Health, from the Teachers’ College, at UNL.

Additionally, I can assure you drunk driving does not discriminate and we have as many males as we do have females involved in our organization statewide

The Legislature is heavily male dominated and senators continually listen to the concerns of their constituents.  Drunk driving is unacceptable and 100% preventable.

In 2008, in Nebraska there were 208 fatal car crashes of which 67 (32%) were a result of an alcohol-related crash.  As Nebraskans, we can all stand proud that we have saved lives and communities across the state are making a difference daily.

Last year alone, MADD Nebraska sent out more than 1,200 ”We Care” cards to those impacted by drunk driving, went to court over 30 times on behalf of those injured or killed and MADD provided direct service to more than 300 victims impacted by this crime.

 On behalf of MADD and our members across the state, I want to thank our citizens for making the right choice: designate a sober driver & never serve to those under 21.

MADD’s Mission is: to stop drunk driving support victims impacted by this crime and prevent underage drinking. 

Simera Reynolds, M.Ed.

State Executive Director

MADD Nebraska


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