Horse Found Dead After DUI

Posted: November 6, 2009 in Mothers Against Drunk Driving
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There are a variety of items that come across the wires that seem unbelievable.  Drunk driving not only does not discriminate – the crime takes place in a multitude of forms.

However, sadly today I read about a drunk driving conviction in Buffalo County  where a young man, more than twice the legal limit, was stopped while dragging a horse behind a stock trailer near Sumner.  The offender, Troy Brockmann, 22, left the rodeo July 4th. Brockman failed to untie the horse, then made the choice to drink and drive and eventually he was apprehended and arrested.


Tyler Brockman pleaded no contest to DUI

 Brockman was stopped after dragging the horse for about a mile. The horse was then put into the trailer.  The horse was found dead July 6th in Phelps’ County.

As a victim advocate for our members across the state, we support victims and ensure they understand how to provide their victim impact statement to Horse%20Grazingthe courts so the victim’s voice is heard.  However, with this how will we all ensure that what happened to this horse, as a result of being dragged behind a vehicle while the offender drove well over the legal limit, is voiced for the victim (the horse). In this case a dead horse.

We should all take time to send in our victim impact statement Dawson County Court where there is a felony charge of cruel neglect of an animal resulting in death – pending.

We may not have been impacted personally by this event but we have a duty to ensure the offender is held accountable for his actions.  Speaking out is the right thing to do – if we don’t who will?  Drunk drivers must be held accountable.  For the horse  -voice your concern.


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