Posted: November 18, 2009 in Mothers Against Drunk Driving
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Sitting 400 miles away a press release came across my e-mail but this one was not the usual news. No. It was news that even a veteran victim advocate was touched by and sadness filled my heart for the community, school and family.  As I read the news release, 2 sisters, 17 & 15, in Box Butte County were driving to school when they were hit by a pick-up truck.  Both sisters died at the scene.It is difficult to imagine the magnitude of pain associated with the traumatic death of not one but two loved ones.  For many grief is unchartered territory and can be very unsettling. Here at MADD we know one of the hardest parts of grief is the apparent “Senselessness of the Death.”  People generally understand that death occurs when bodies grow old or are no longer able to fight disease.  Knowing that your child was just on their way to school doing what every other child is doing – well that is one of the most painful aspects of your grieving. 

 Now the world, as you knew it, is forever changed when someone experiences a traumatic and unexpected death.  There was no time to say good-by. However painful and difficult, grieving is necessary to heal and to find new meaning in life.

As we face those challenges here are a few coping tips:                                                                

  •  Tell your story over and over again
  • Get support from a counselor, school counselor, support group or a trained MADD advocate
  • Write about your experience in a journal
  • Seek information about your loved one’s crash, to answer those unanswered questions
  • Understand that everyone grieves differently, and be especially sensitive to family members who may be grieving differently than you
  • Reinvest in life by reaching out to others

    Share your life with others


Simera Reynolds, M.Ed.

State Executive Director


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