You can count on routine

Posted: November 30, 2009 in Mothers Against Drunk Driving
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Well, back to work after five days at home.  I truly enjoyed my time off, entertaining my family for the holiday and watching Husker Football. However, by Sunday afternoon, I have to tell you I was looking forward to the office door, the messy desk, the phone ringing, and I welcomed a cyber mailbox full of notes and messages.  Ahh, the welcome of office routine.  Getting down to business at hand, responding to mail both snail and cyber forms!  I have to tell you as much as I like the holidays and the joy of family life, likewise, I truly like my job and those that I work with on a day-to-day basis and across the state. 

Today I even enjoyed looking at the bills and reviewing the budget. I know hard to believe but true!  Well we are six months into our budget and so far so good – knock on wood!  I have worked harder this year than any other year to raise money but I have to tell you it has been rewarding and it is paying off.  Also, I want to tell you I have not had to do it alone.  That is the best news and again why I am so glad to be back at work.  MADD is one BIG family and that is something I can hang my hat on.  Speaking of our MADD family I have pictures to share of a very important event and I will share those later this week.  We can all stand proud of MADD Nebraska and the many fine leaders on the Nebraska State Operations Council.  Another reason to come to work!


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