Lincoln Police Department released their numbers for DUI arrests and they hit an all time high. On behalf of MADD, we applaud LPD and the efforts of all the officers as they ensured that our roads were safe to travel. 

Thankfully the Lincoln Police Department is not unique and many agencies across the state have had record arrests.  There is a concerted effort by many highway safety advocates (including MADD) to support the Nebraska Highway Safety Plan .  You will want to look at Appendix II and see High Priority areas and it should come as no surprise that enforcing DUI laws ranks HIGH.  As Nebraskans we should care about the fact that:  one person dies every five days due to an alcohol-related crash in our state. A 100% preventable crime and thanks to enforcement we have seen lives saved! 

Nebraska ranked among the top for the least amount a fatalities due to alcohol-related crashes in 2008.  I am proud that we have 30 more individuals with families and friends still intact.

Checkpoints and heavy enforcement during high traffic times have worked to save lives  and not just in our state but in almost all 50 states.  It is an easy message “if you drink and drive you will get caught.” 

Bringing me back to the Lincoln Police Department’s, Lancaster County Sheriff’s Department and  the Nebraska State Patrol holiday enforcement resulted in zero alcohol-related deaths in December in Lancaster County in 2009.  Thanks to all for your hard work and keeping us safe as we navigate our way to and from our everyday activities: work, kids, movies, family, errands, grandparents, and the grocery store.

MADD is on the Ribbon but Saving Lives is on Our Minds.


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