MADD Supports Uniform Bar Closing Across The State

Posted: April 8, 2010 in Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving
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On behalf of MADD and our members across the state,  MADD strongly supports a “uniform bar closing” across the state to deter barhopping.  Also, it is important to be mindful of law enforcement shift changes and the potential impact to the city/county or state budget or worse to cause a void in DUI arrests resulting in serious injuries or death.

 In Nebraska in  2009, the state saw an increase in alcohol-related motor vehicle fatalities.  A concern MADD can not overlook.

 Uniform Bar Closing

MADD advocates setting uniform statewide cut off-limits on the sale of alcoholic beverages in order to end the practice of “barhopping” to find establishments with later closing hours for “one last drink” with the likelihood of impaired driving as a result.

 Please take a moment to let Governor Heineman and your state senator know that you do not support each city having the ability to close at different times.

 MADD strongly supports uniform bar closing.  It doesn’t matter if it is 1 am or 2 am but the closing across the state needs to be uniform to prevent bar hopping from town to town.

 Please let State Senator Colby Coash know you do not support the amendment for individual towns to determine their hours of operation.

Your voice will make the difference.  Thanks you so much for your support and passion. Act today as the vote will come Friday or Monday.


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