Alcohol in State Parks – Voice your thoughts to Governor Heineman

Posted: May 19, 2010 in Mothers Against Drunk Driving
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Well next Friday, May 28th the Game & Parks Commissioners will take up the issue of lifting the ban regarding alcohol in state parks.  Naturally, they want to address this on Friday of Memorial Day weekend a traditional time when families make plans to get together, attend weddings and prepare for graduations.

From MADD’s perspective it certainly appears as if the Game & Parks Commissioners are not that interested in public sentiment.  MADD does not have an opinion on lifting the ban regarding consumption as we are not against the legal consumption of alcohol.  Nevertheless, we strongly support community interaction on matters of this nature.  Please take time to voice your concerns to the commissioners:  send in your comments prior to Wednesday, May 26th.

I want to reiterate that MADD is true to the mission: to stop drunk driving, support victims impacted by this violent crime (trust me several families have been severely impacted by drunk driving and boating at the lakes) and prevent underage drinking.

As executive director, I can assure you MADD has strong concerns about the ability of the Game & Parks to sustain a budget that ensures proper enforcement will take place and assure Nebraskans  that we will not see the quality of camping life change.

The number of alcohol-related boating fatalities, alone, is a strong concern for us here at MADD and even more so for the county sheriff’s where lakes are an active part of the community.  Nebraskans should send a message to the Game & Parks Commissioners that if our alcohol laws are violated you will be held accountable.  We are a society of laws.

Always know that Governor Heineman has the last say as ALL rules & regulations must pass through the Attorney General’s office and then go to the Governor for his approval. Whatever your stance it is imperative that you let the Governor know your stand so he can act in the best interest of those who elected him to the post.


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