A Father’s Love Is Never Ending

Posted: June 18, 2010 in Mothers Against Drunk Driving
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A while back, my mom called to visit but I was painting (Saturday, December 16th, 2006). I tried to pay attention as she began to ask how things were and what was up, but I was all excited about the spare room make over. And like most Moms (Dads too) she could tell I was distracted and I asked if I could call her the next day.  That conversation still sticks with me to this day – we always think there will be that next day. 

The next day came and my Father called not to say “hello” or “how are you” but to relay that my mom had been in a crash involving a drunk driver. My heart sank and oh how I wished I would have talked to my mom yesterday.

Call the Father in your life.

So my point: this Father’s Day week-end reach out to your Father no matter where he is and let him know you are thinking of him, that he is in your heart today.  We never know when that opportunity will be snatched away from us.

 I have had the privilege of working with more than six different families that have had both their Mothers and Fathers snatched from their lives in an instant – time can be cruel when you count the days you lost with a loved one.  Yet somehow we have to manage to press on and make our family proud, do right by ourselves and support those we meet along the way with passion and genuine concern for the situation they are in this particular day.

Make the most of your time by sharing it with the man in your life that touched it so you could become the person you are today.  Uncles, granddads, brothers, nephews, Son-in-laws, and the neighbor down the street –http://www.fathers.com/ .

We know here at MADD Fathers are our volunteers and they are your support – thank the guys in your life!  I am going to. 

My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.
                             Fathers Day Quote by: Jim Valvano


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