Get Tough on Crime – Stop Drunk Driving with Ignition Interlocks

Posted: June 25, 2010 in Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving
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The media has been buzzing over a 14 time drunk driver.  There are at least 200 offenders in our state of that caliber. Last year alone, in our state, law enforcement arrested approximately 14,000 individuals for DUI. 

This is not a unique crime in our state, sad to say.    Never forget that drunk driving is the most frequently committed crime in our state.

We must pledge to not become complacent or weary of the continued arrests – for each arrest means a life saved as far as MADD is concerned.  We applaud law enforcement for the tenacity to keep our roads safe for us to travel.

Write to your local judge or county prosecutor and ask why they are not using ignition interlock, a tool proven to be effective while on probation, to keep the public safe? We are all victims when the courts continue to let us down by not using resources at their disposal.  The legislature passed the law to implement ignition interlocks – now we all need to ensure the judges use them.


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