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I want to share an important message that came from our MADD national office about legislation in Washington, D.C.  I usually don’t get into federal topics too much but this one impacts every one of us as we are a mobile society

This Week, the U.S. House of Representatives is expected to vote on a bill that can help eliminate drunk driving by “turning cars into the cure” through the development of advanced alcohol detection technology.


Please email your Representative by clicking here to urge support of this lifesaving bill. 

MADD’s Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving is closing in on a major milestone but we need your help. As you know, MADD is working to “turn cars into the cure” by supporting advanced alcohol detection technology which will one day allow cars to determine if the driver is drunk.  If the driver’s BAC is at or above .08, the car won’t start.  The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety estimates this technology could save over 8,000 lives per year.

Last month, Maryland Congressman John Sarbanes offered an amendment to the Motor Vehicle Safety Act to provide the critical funding necessary to fully develop this exciting new technology.  The amendment was approved in the House Energy and Commerce Committee by voice vote. 

This week we expect the U.S. House of Representatives to consider the Motor Vehicle Safety Act and MADD needs you to contact your congressman and ask for their support of this legislation which could literally eliminate drunk driving. 

Please take action and urge your Member of Congress to eliminate drunk driving by “turning cars into the cure.”


We hear it all the time “everything in moderation” and it is not only true for food but for drink too! 

Here at MADD we are not against drinking if you are of legal age (21 across the United States).  As summer flies by and we all enjoy food & drink with friends, family, and reunions of old pals from years gone by, don’t forget that moderation is not only key with food but also the key to adult beverage intake.

So what is moderation exactly?  We all have our own notion don’t we! I thought I would include a link from Mayo Clinic to define moderation:

As we all strive to be a good host or hostess strive also to ensure the safety of those visiting your home by encouraging moderation so everyone gets home safe.

Summer is the time to kick back and enjoy! So from us here at MADD we wish you and yours a fun and relaxing summer – only 6 weeks and another school year is here – the last year as Big 12 – oh my!