Kick back and relax moderation is the key.

Posted: July 8, 2010 in Mothers Against Drunk Driving
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We hear it all the time “everything in moderation” and it is not only true for food but for drink too! 

Here at MADD we are not against drinking if you are of legal age (21 across the United States).  As summer flies by and we all enjoy food & drink with friends, family, and reunions of old pals from years gone by, don’t forget that moderation is not only key with food but also the key to adult beverage intake.

So what is moderation exactly?  We all have our own notion don’t we! I thought I would include a link from Mayo Clinic to define moderation:

As we all strive to be a good host or hostess strive also to ensure the safety of those visiting your home by encouraging moderation so everyone gets home safe.

Summer is the time to kick back and enjoy! So from us here at MADD we wish you and yours a fun and relaxing summer – only 6 weeks and another school year is here – the last year as Big 12 – oh my!


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