Fred Zwonechek, Sally Ganem & Simera Reynolds

Several of us are headed out on Saturday to go to a race at Junction Motor Speedway at McCool Junction to watch the MADD Race Car!  Huge thanks go to Gary and Donna Cooper for having a race car with the MADD brand, an alcohol free race pit and for treating thousands to the MADD race car through community events and the state fair. 

Gary talking to students about MADD

 This is a great example of turning one of your passions into an educational tool that serves you and the community.  Gary and Donna have worked hard to support MADD, provide another avenue to stop drunk driving and underage drinking  and they always have fun along the way.

To find out about the driver and the team take a minute and check out car 55:

I want to encourage everyone to come and see us at the raceway this Saturday. Thanks to the sponsors that support Gary & Donna and provide an avenue of learning. Many times I say we are in this together – Gary & Donna have proven we are not only in this for our passion but for the friendships forged along the way.

The fun begins at 7:00 PM and I am looking forward to watching a win for MADD on the race track this week-end. A BIG thanks to Cooper Racing for the years of support and fun that they have provided to MADD and our many communities across the state.


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