2 AM Bar Closing Leaves Citizens With Crazy Quilt of Alcohol Sales

Posted: August 10, 2010 in Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving
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July 17, 1984 the 40th President of the United States saw the importance of signing the 21 law to stop the :”crazy quilt of States’ drinking laws and far too many blood borders, borders where teens drive across to reach States’ with lower drinking ages”


While the 21 law is in tact www.why21.org,  here in Nebraska, we face county blood borders as each county and city independently decide to implement or turn down the 2 am bar closing. Creating, for the entire state, a public health issue.

Just as President Reagan publicly stated at the White House signing of the National Minimum Drinking Age Law, “this is a problem bigger than the individual states” so too is this law (2 am bar closing)  a problem bigger than one county. This law is a state problem for all of us and MADD will ask the Unicameral leaders to step up and fix the law. Clearly, the motoring public would benefit from a “uniform” bar closing that is mandated by the state.  There are times when we appreciate local control but just as President Reagan looked at the greater good for the nation, we too must look at the greater good for the state.

Nebraskans should  contact their state senator and let them know that we do not want county blood borders. 


Nebraskans deserve a Uniform state law for the sale of alcohol.

  Your voice does matter – this is a good time to use it!




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