Big Red Fans Have a Game Plan

Posted: September 2, 2010 in Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving
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Memorial Stadium, Lincoln NE

The first Husker game is days away, the last long weekend of the summer is about to commence, and friends and families are getting together. Everything really is buzzing!

As you prepare for your get together, whether you partake in the game at home or at the stadium make sure you have a solid game plan to get home safe. Designate a non-drinking driver and never provide alcohol to anyone under 21.

This weekend law enforcement across the state will be making sure every motorists can arrive to their destination safely.  MADD is participating in a variety of checkpoints in four different counties alone.  There are over 50 law enforcement agencies with extra funding this weekend to make sure drunk drivers are apprehended. 

This really is an exciting time of year for all the Nebraska Husker Fans and MADD is proud to work alongside law enforcement to support our community safety.  Enjoy the long weekend whatever you plan is and remember your seatbelt is your best DEFENSE against a drunk driver.


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