MADD past chair impacted after the crash

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Victim's Rights
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The other day one of the MADD past state chairs, for Nebraska, came into the state office to see us.  One would think it was a routine visit to catch up on what is new, taking information about MADD and our mission to the schools (as she has for the last five years in October) or even to see if we needed assistance with any upcoming events.

This visit was NOT routine. Kay was instrumental in helping me understand accounting as I became the executive director of MADD in 2000. Kay then offered her leadership as treasurer and state chair. She was nothing short of inspiring!  For one, she was interested in MADD and she had not been victimized by the crime. She sincerely wanted to be a part of an organization that was meaningful and she strived to ensure the safety of our communities as a MADD volunteer for more than decade.

This day Kay’s visit was different.  She did pick up materials for the middle school to deliver our message to youth about underage drinking prevention, not to ride with a drinking driver and to always wear a seatbelt.

However, her status had changed – Kay too was now a victim of this 100% preventable crime.  Her nephew had been injured and his wife killed in a recent alcohol-related motor vehicle crash in Omaha.

Although she stood strong, I could see the pain etched into her face. I have seen this in so many faces of families MADD has supported during a sudden loss or injury caused by drunk driving.  A crime in so many ways!

Drunk driving knows no boundaries and certainly does not discriminate.  It can knock on our door any time and any day of the year.  Our hearts go out to Kay and her family as they begin a “new normal” for what they knew prior to the crash has been forever erased – a pain that cannot be mended and a loss that will never leave their hearts.

If you or someone you know has been impacted by drunk driving always know MADD is here to support you “We help Survivors Survive” 1-877-623-3435 or contact MADD at


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