Keep Your Lil’ Goblins Safe This Halloween

Posted: October 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

It is time again for Halloween, a holiday filled with costumes, candy and fun for kids of all ages. It is also a deadly time of year, as more kids fill the streets to trick or treat and more adults head home from parties after having too much to drink. It is all of our jobs to make sure our kids are safe out there and this Halloween is fun and not frightening.

As a motorist it is important to always have a designated driver if you plan to drink at your festivities. When out of the road always makes sure to stay alert, kids are excited and don’t pay attention to where they are going. Watch for kids not just at intersections, but also coming out from between parked cars. Make sure you slow down and be patient, kids are in costumes that can often impair their ability to move quickly or see clearly. Kids in costumes

Parents can help to ensure the safety of their children as well. First, talk to your kids about Halloween safety and make sure they are supervised while trick or treating. Second, make sure that their costumes are reflective, don’t impair vision and don’t cause them to trip and/or fall. Also, improve their visibility by having them trick or treat with glow sticks or flashlights, helping cars to see them from a further distance.

Kids can also make sure they are safe on Halloween by making sure they always stay with the adult leading the group. And when crossing the street, look both ways and use the crosswalks.

Halloween is a favorite holiday for kids all across the country, let’s make sure they make it home safely to enjoy all of their treats. Have a happy and safe Halloween!


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