MADD Court Monitoring Initiative Expands to 22

Posted: November 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

MADD is pleased to announce that we will be in 22 counties, across the state, with the MADD Court Monitoring Program. The program, simply put, is set up to observe trends, patterns and behaviors regarding DUI sentencing and outcomes.  MADD would like to thank the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety for their support to conduct this important program to ensure that DUI’s are being treated consistently and equitably from county to county. 

Additionally, First Lady Sally Ganem, MADD National Board Member, stated “I am very excited about the opportunities for more volunteer growth and support for MADD across our great state”.

The Court Monitoring Program strives to ensure that DUI arrests are prosecuted, unwarranted dismissals are decreased and justice is served in our state.

 The program is three-fold: compile data on DUI cases and how they are managed from county to county, share outcomes of findings with professionals in the justice system and the community, provide specialized training to volunteers on how to be a court monitoring volunteer in the designated 22 counties.

It has been a special pleasure for MADD to see this program grow and expand services.  MADD Court Monitoring first started with a four counties(Lancaster,Saunders, Gage and Saline), then moved to eight counties(adding Sarpy,Adams, Hall and Otoe) and now MADD is able to work in 22 counties in the upcoming year.  Much of this would not have been accomplished without our outstanding volunteers.

If you are interested in supporting the MADD Court Monitoring Program please let us know and MADD will get you trained and in the court room to observe your court’s at work.

Contact our Volunteer Resource Coordinator, Sara Magnus at and she will assist you in your efforts to become an active MADD volunteer.  Everyone is welcomed and we look forward to meeting new faces as we travel the state.


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