Attorney General Speaks at Wetlab – DUI Legislation in the Works.

Posted: December 6, 2010 in Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving, Legislation
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Friday, Dec. 3rd the Greater Omaha area held an educational “wet lab” to demonstrate just how many drinks it really takes to reach .08 BAC (blood alcohol content).  There were more than half a dozen volunteers that were drinking and then equal amount of law enforcement Drug Recognition Experts (DRE) on hand to monitor the impact alcohol had on the volunteer drinkers. Most volunteer drinkers felt that they would not want to drive after they reached a limit of .05 BAC.

Also there was a press conference where First Lady Sally Ganem spoke about the need for parents to talk to their youth about the dangers of underage drinking and keeping a close eye on our children this holiday season. 

Attorney General Jon Bruning stepped up to the plate at the press conference stating that his office and several key senators were working to implement changes to hold offenders accountable:

Changes in the law would include:

  • Mandatory ignition interlock for all offenders .08 and above
  • DUI/Child Endangerment as a Felony Offense
  • Higher penalties for those that procure for minors, including jail time
  • Enhanced BUI for boating under the influence
  • Distinct crime for DUI homicide and serious bodily injury  

These are all welcome changes for our members and supporters.  When you consider the fact that DUI is the most frequently committed crime in our state with more than 13,000 arrests in 2009 and the fact that 1 person dies every 4 days in our state due to an alcohol-related crash and 1 person is injured every 3 hours – Attorney General Bruning, and the Nebraska Unicameral, is spot on to address the need to enhance penalties and hold offenders accountable.

Contact your state senator and let them know you support increased penalties for DUI homicide and injury, DUI Child Endangerment, BUI enhancements. The most important letter you can write this holiday is not to Santa but to your state senator requesting  that the Unicameral pass a bill implementing  mandatory ignition interlock on every offender’s car we want them to – “Blow Before You Go”.  This legislation will save lives, support the fabric of our community and hold those who make the choice to drink and drive accountable for their crime.

A special note of thanks goes out to the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Department, and all participating law enforcement agencies, and to Fire Guard for their hospitality on Friday!



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