No Holiday for players cited for DUI

Posted: December 21, 2010 in Underage Drinking Prevention
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I want to take a moment to thank the leadership at the University of Nebraska for setting  solid standards for the student athletes and following through by holding  players accountable .  MADD applauds Coach Pelini for holding those that make the choice to drink and drive accountable for their actions. 

In Nebraska, collegiate athletes are held to very high standards by the fans in our state.  From football, volleyball, baseball and even bowling our student athletes strive for the best that they can and as fans we appreciate their sportsmanship.  However, when an athlete makes the choice to break the law by driving drunk-then all of us are impacted by that action.

With that said, here at MADD we do know that driving over the legal limit is not unique to student athletes. In fact, alcohol misuse is a serious public health problem across the state.  The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services came out with survey results yesterday.

According to the Nebraska Young Adult Alcohol Opinion Survey,  here’s what randomly sampled 19-25 year olds said about:

Alcohol use

  • Two-thirds of 19-25 year olds in Nebraska reported drinking alcohol within the last month.
  • Two out of every five reported binge drinking (5 or more drinks for men/4 or more drinks for women within a couple of hours).
  • Young adults living in urban areas of the state reported the highest percentage for alcohol use.
  • Young adults 19-22 enrolled in school full time were more likely than their non-full-time peers to consume alcohol and binge drink.
  • 21-25 year olds were about twice as likely as 19-20 year olds to drink and binge drink.
  • Females and males were equally likely to drink and binge drink.
  • Most young adults consumed alcohol at their home or another person’s home.
  • Three in five young adults reported that they usually drank beer. Beer was followed by liquor, wine and then flavored-malt beverages.

Alcohol-impaired driving

  • About three in every 10, 19-25 year olds said they drove a car under the influence of alcohol over the past year.

 MADD encourages everyone to have a plan in place prior to going out, stick to your plan and always have a designated driver. It is not only a gift to your friends it is a gift to the community.


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