Top Ten Reasons

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Mothers Against Drunk Driving
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10)     Changing Seasons, from falling leaves, blankets of snow, spring showers and glowing sun rays

9)       Grocery Shopping, my favorite week-end past time always knowing that the aisles are full of new items we never saw as kids growing up in the 1970’s

8)       The Telephone, staying connected with friends and family by talking and listening and  always making plans what an invention – Thank you Mr. Bell!

7)         Paper, love paper, making paper, writing on paper, notebooks, stationary,  sticky notes – gotta love 3 M

6)       The Kitchen, I know but it is true the kitchen is my personal sanctuary where  music brims, coffee simmers and real work does get done!

5)       Laughter, it comes in so many forms from a chuckle to a smile to a full belly laugh that  brings tears to your eyes. Even the laughter of others as you pass by the play ground, a coffee-house or the neighbors visiting in the yard

4)       Kid’s Birthday’s, love watching the little tykes eat cake, watching eyes light up with the perfect gift and getting my exercise chasing them all!

3)       Passion for life, knowing that a new friend is just around the bend  and that the friends in my life are there for me, support my passion and always lend me their shoulder.

2)      Home, there really is no place like home and my heart is always planted deeply in my home (including house, city and state)

1)       Family, a million thanks to my family for standing by me, being the love of my life  and for their never-ending forgiveness when I take them for granted. Barbara Bush said it best “ To us, family  means putting your arms around each other and being there”.  

Well there you go!  My top ten reasons I am glad people make the choice not to drink and drive.  We all want to live to see another day and not have the joys of life snatched from us.  I know that these are many of the reasons victim families are impacted by drunk driving. None of us want to rearrange our “Top Ten” because of an alcohol-related crash.

Thank you to all that always makes the right choice. Never drink and drive and hold your family close!


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