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 Mothers Against Drunk Driving® (MADD) joins with the numerous Attorneys General across the country who are asking Pabst Brewing Company to significantly reduce the number of servings of alcohol in a single container of Blast by Colt 45, since one 23.5-ounce can of Blast contains nearly 5 servings of alcohol. MADD is concerned that Blast may encourage dangerous binge drinking—which can lead to drunk driving—by those over 21, as well as those who are underage, posing serious health risks and greatly impairing these individuals’ decision-making abilities. MADD also urges Pabst Brewing Company to examine the marketing of this beverage in order to clarify its high alcohol content. Nearly 11,000 Americans are killed and more than 350,000 are injured each year in drunk driving crashes — a 100 percent preventable crime. In addition, teen alcohol use kills 6,000 people each year, more than all illegal drugs combined.

Therefore, MADD is committed to keeping drunk drivers off the road, serving victims of drunk driving crashes and preventing underage drinking.


PowerTalk 21™ day is the first annual day for parents and teens to start the conversation about alcohol. Governor Dave Heineman will be officially declaring April 21st PowerTalk 21day in Nebraska.

Governor Heineman and his wife, First Lady Sally Ganem, have made the health and safety of young Nebraskans a priority. Ganem, a MADD National Board Member, has worked throughout the state on initiatives that aim to reduce underage drinking. “The youth of Nebraska are one of our greatest resources, and it is our job as parents to keep them safe,” said Ganem. “I encourage parents to use PowerTalk 21 Day to have a conversation with their kids about alcohol.”

PowerTalk 21 day is intentionally positioned in advance of prom, graduation and other events around which teens may encounter alcohol, providing families with an opportunity to have an important conversation at what may be a critical time.

MADD, along with presenting sponsor Nationwide Insurance, trusts that April 21 will become widely known as the national day to talk about teens and alcohol. To that end, parents across the U.S. will be participating in Power of Parents, It’s Your Influence workshops and events held at community gatherings, schools, churches, partner organizations and various other groups leading up to and around April 21. 

 For more details on these workshops or for more information on how to schedule one in your community, please contact MADD Nebraska at (402)434-5330.

  Well the day finally arrived!  Here at MADD we are excited to show off our refreshed and revitalized brand.  All of us with MADD hope you are excited about the new look as we all are here in Nebraska.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Kimberly Earle, stated ” Elevating and engaging others in our mission is the first and foremost reason for all of these efforts. For nearly 31 years, MADD has worked hard to keep families safe. But our work is not done. Another 30 people die in drunk driving crashes every day in America, while one in three eighth graders has tried alcohol. And we continue to serve victims of drunk driving crashes, one every 10 minutes”.

Here at MADD we want to bring heightened awareness to the devastating effects of drunk driving and underage drinking; we shine a light on our victim services, ensuring it no longer remains our best kept secret;and we let the public know that we’re still here, still relevent and still working hard to keep families safe and together.

The brand refresh will help ensure our life saving work of serving people goes on in an upbeat and positive form. Including everyone and excluding no one.  Here at MADD we want to serve you and protect your families from the impact of drunk driving, underage drinking and stand stong on strong on policy initiatives that hold offenders accountable.

To all enjoy – the brand new day!