Graduation is here!

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Underage Drinking Prevention
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Graduation: Party Safe, Party Sober

I have spent nearly four decades in rural Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa as a principal, coach or   superintendent, and during this time, I have seen over 1600 students graduate from the four communities.  Graduation is one of the most exciting happenings in any family as it is for the school and community. However, graduation parties are a double edge sword for many, both in and out of education.  The parties are a celebration of this great event, but it appears for many that alcohol is a prerequisite. I question the need for alcohol at these important events as much as, if not more than, Tom Osborne has questioned the need for alcohol to watch  a sporting event.  There are too many young people around both the football game and the graduation party. The idea that alcohol is needed at either event sends a strong message to young people, and that message is clearly stronger than any of the advertisements against  underage drinking. If parents want to give a message to their child, let it be that our families and communities can do without alcohol at a graduation party. 

Submitted by Ed Rastovski, Retired Superintendent

I want to thank our board member for submitting this article and I appreciate that it is still relevant today.  As we prepare to watch many young adults step out into the world – let us collectively ensure that they all get the chance to enjoy life, live life and laugh.  They have the world by a sting!


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