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The Good Stuff

Posted: August 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

There are times in all of our lives that readjust our priorities. Times when we take a hard look at what is truly important to us and decide what really matters in life. Sometimes these moments of reflection take us by surprise, when out of nowhere something catches us and really makes us think. These moments tend to sneak up on us in our every day lives, news stories, witnessing small acts of kindness, or having our lives touched by the love of others. But other times, these moments of reflection come from big moments in our own lives.

The former writer of this blog became a Grandma the other day, her daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and it got me thinking about what the good stuff in life really is. Those things that make your heart swell with happiness, moments where you don’t think life could get any better…and then it does.  The good stuff is different for each of us. Sometimes it is little stuff, ice cream, a good book, a phone call from a friend. And other times it is big stuff. In my life right now, it is being engaged to the man of my dreams and planning our wedding and our future together. Just talking with him about the moments of our special day brings me so much joy, I can’t imagine how happy I will be on our actual wedding day.

What is your good stuff? What are the things that make you happy beyond belief? For so many of us the good “stuff” is often people, those we love. They are the ones that make our lives happier.  And it is important for us to protect the good stuff in our lives. What would you do if you could never again hold your babies in your arms? Or be held by the ones who love and comfort you? These are questions many victims of drunk driving are forced to answer. Their lives are changed forever by the choice of another person. It is really up to all of us to protect the good stuff and we can all start by making the simple decision to not drink and drive, and making sure our friends and family always designate a sober driver. We can work to encourage our state and national governments to pass tougher drunk driving laws and put money towards research for new technology to prevent drunk driving.Nebraska took a huge step forward with this recently, passing a comprehensive DUI bill that makes driving drunk with a child in the car a felony.  We can all work to educate those in our communities about the dangers of drunk driving, or bring a Power of Parents Workshop in to help parents learn to start that conversation with their teens about alcohol. There are so many little things we can do to help protect the good stuff in our lives, and today is the day to start.

Today is also a good day to start thinking about what your good stuff is. What are the things in the world that make you happiest? If they are people, protect them, and don’t forget to tell them every day how happy they make you. If they are things, take the time to truly appreciate them, enjoy that special treat, dance in the rain. Live every day thankful for the good stuff and let your heart by happy.