A Safe Game Day

Posted: September 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

It is here. In Nebraska, sometimes it feels like our state lives for football season and it is finally here. Even if you don’t follow football, if you live around Lincoln, you can’t help but feel that extra excitement around town as the season opener draws near.  Store windows seem to have more red, even the grocery stores have a Husker section, football seems to be a constant discussion and more and more you over hear conversations about plans for the game.

And you should know, that if you have a plan, so does law enforcement. In fact there are a lot of people planning and working so we can all have a safe and fun game day.  Agencies across the state come together on game day to make sure everyone can cheer on the Huskers without having to worry about their safety.  If you are coming to the game, you can expect to see an increased presence of law enforcement. The Nebraska State Patrol will be working overtime hours for all of the Husker home games this year thanks to a grant by the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety. They will making sure everyone arrives safely for the game and safe at home after!

The State Patrol is not alone in this effort. The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Department and Lincoln Police Department will also be on the roads working to keep us all protected. We cannot thank all of them enough for their hard work to keep the roads safe on game day and always!

We ask that as you make your game day plans, you remember Nebraska’s Law Enforcement Agencies will be out in force over the weekend. And we can all help make their job easier, by being patient, making sure you buckle up and most importantly, always making sure you have a designated sober driver if your game plan includes alcohol.

Go Big Red!


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