Looking Back and Moving Forward

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

As we start this new year, it is natural at this time to look back over the past year and all that has happened. For us here at MADD Nebraska it has been quite the year. We said goodbye to three great friends as they moved on to new adventures and then we said hello to our new victim advocate. We celebrated a five star ranking in the MADD National Report to the Nation, while we mourned the death of too many on our roads in alcohol related crashes this year.  It is our goal for 2012 to continue to work to see Nebraska’s roads become safer, to see less lives impacted and to be here to serve the victims who are.

After celebrating our first PowerTalk 21 Day and kicking off the Power of Parents program, we are excited to really see the program take off across the state in 2012. We can keep Nebraska’s youth safe through this program, which allows parents to learn how to start the conversation about alcohol with their teens.

We can’t wait to get this year rolling! 2012 will hold many exciting things for MADD Nebraska. We hope we can count on your support throughout another year, helping to connect us with your communities and allowing us to make a difference across the state. We ask all of you to make the right choice this year and make one of your resolutions to be to always have a sober designated driver if you plan to drink. This choice alone can save lives! Thank you for all of your support and here is to a great 2012!


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