Posted: February 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

I feel like I may need to take a moment to remind everyone out there of what a seatbelt is. You know that little device that you use when you are in your vehicle to keep you safe and potentially save your life. Yeah, that’s it. Now, are you using it? Well you should be!

So far 2012 has been record setting for roadway deaths here in Nebraska. Not a record you want to break! Nineteen people died in January alone. Last year, that number was eight. While that number alone is distressing, it is even more upsetting because some of the deaths could have potentially been prevented. Sixteen of the victims were vehicle occupants and 15 of them were not wearing a seatbelt. Do we know for sure that seatbelts could have kept these people alive, no. But, do we know that wearing your seatbelt increases your odds of survival in a crash by 50-60%, yes. Isn’t that statistic enough to make you want to put on your seatbelt every time you get in the car?

While not involved in all of the fatalities so far this year, alcohol has played a factor in too many of them. Every person killed in an alcohol related crash is one too many. One life that could have been saved by better decision making and planning ahead. We encourage you to continue to always designate a sober driver and never, ever drive after drinking.

Let’s work on making some changes so the rest of the year doesn’t continue as we have started out. Sadly, we can’t get back the people whose lives have already been taken, we can care for and support them and we are here to help in whatever they need. But, we can change so more families don’t have to experience the tragic loss of their loved one on the road.

Be safe. And Buckle Up.



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