You Have The Right…

Posted: April 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

You have the right to remain silent. How many times have you heard that? On tv crime dramas, in the movies. Most everyone knows those words are part of the Miranda Rights and know that you have certain rights when you are accused of committing a crime. But, how many of you know the rights you have when you are the victim of a crime?

This past week was Victims Rights Week. A week set aside to raise awareness of all of the rights crime victims have and to thank those who dedicate their lives to working as victim advocates. This year MADD Nebraska created a display in the Nebraska State Capitol that focused on one of the many rights victims of drunk driving crashes have, the victim impact statement. The victim impact statement is one of the few times during the court process where victims are allowed to share how a drunk driving crash has changed their life. It is truly the voice of the victim. The chance for a victim to say in their own words, how the crash has shattered their world.

We have to thank all of the victims who shared with us their words, their very personal stories to make the display this year so very impactful. We know that we could never even begin to try to say how much their words and stories make a difference in the fight against drunk driving. We hope that everyone who saw the display not only was moved by the stories, but also learned just how important the words of the victim are during the court process.


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