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Are You Prepared?

Posted: October 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

It is not a fun thing to think about, but death is a part of life. Whether someone is suddenly taken too young by a drunk driver or goes peacefully in their sleep at an old age, it is always difficult for those left behind to cope after death. And often the mourning family must make many difficult decisions rather than be able to grieve their loved one. So today, the question is, are you prepared?

I was once told, that it doesn’t matter how young you are, you should make sure you express to others what you want to happen if you should die. While it seems this is morbid, it is actually smart. I know no one wants to think about death, especially their own or someone’s close to them. But, by making plans and preparing you not only ensure your wishes are carried out, but you also take a large burden off of your family. More importantly than just communicating it, is writing it down. Do you have will? An actual paper will, created by attorney? Not many of us do, but all of us should. I once believed I didn’t need to worry about a will, I had no children to worry about where they would go, no real assets to speak of, why would I need a will? But, all of us should have one, we should express what we want and more than that we should make sure our family knows where it is and how to access it!!

It is important to remember many other things as well, things like pre-planning for memorial services. Funerals are a huge expense and often a burden on families who haven’t saved for a tragic event. It is a good idea to pre-plan and tell your family what you want. Do you want beautiful music, a private ceremony, creamation or burial. Tell people now while you have the chance.

It is so hard to think about, but by telling and writing things down, you make sure your family knows what you want and how you feel. And more than that, you help them to be able to grieve, because it is hard enough to lose someone you love. It is even harder to spend the time after their death making a million decisions when all you want to do is spend time thinking of that person and being supported by those who care. So today I encourage you to ask yourself, am I prepared? And if you aren’t start thinking about how to change that.