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Just in case you hadn’t noticed, we took a little break from blogging during 2012. Don’t worry, we aren’t going away. We just needed a little time away, to get refreshed and to revitalize the content on here…because the last thing we want is for things to get stale! So we are back, with some fresh ideas for a new year. We will try to talk more about things that are trending in the news in our state and across the world as they relate to drinking and drinking and driving. We would love to hear more from you, please comment with your ideas and thoughts, we would love for everyone to be part of the discussion this year! As always, we will talk about current MADD projects, programs and events, but we will try to tie them into their impact in your life and how you can get involved. Here is hoping a fresh start will let us all feel energized and motivated to not only talk about impaired driving issues, but start getting creative in finding new solutions for the problem in the new year.

To kick it off we are going to talk about this:

Mean Mom Ad

Have you seen this yet? It is circulating around the internet and has become a hot topic of discussion. A woman, calling herself the meanest mom in Wyoming, placed an ad for the sale of her son’s truck after he got a DUI. Does this make her the meanest mom in Wyoming or the best mom in the world? Her son made a bad decision so she took away his ability to do it again. It seems that it is actually a consequence fitting the crime. If only there were more mom’s like this out there, willing to have their children call them mean, to teach them a lesson and to keep them safe.

MADD’s Power of Parents program talks specifically about enforcing consequences. And although this consequence may seem a little extreme, the lesson was probably learned. Making the choice to drink and drive put this young man’s life in danger, as well as the lives of many others on the road at the same time, by being a tough parent this mom is sending the message of just how serious a crime this was.

We personally, think this mom rocks! What do you think, tough love or mean mom?