Bed, Bath and Breathalyzers?

Posted: March 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

The other day I was looking through the ads that come to my house tucked neatly in the Sunday paper, when I noticed something I didn’t expect to see. Most times there are sales on everything from toilet paper to televisions, but when I cracked open one ad I saw an on sale at-home breathalyzer. Now, I knew that these were around, I have seen them in television advertisements and online, but I did not realize that I could purchase one right down the street at any number of big box stores.

Breathalyzers are an invaluable tool in the fight against drunk driving, the ones that law enforcement use every day both on the street and in the station. The ones they use are highly sensitive, calibrated instruments that were designed to be accurate. They are far more advanced than the ones you and I can buy at the store.

I am not saying that these store bought breathalyzers don’t have their place, it is just not as a tool to stop drinking and driving. If you want to purchase one to use for entertainment purposes, have fun! Might even generate some good conversation. Most of these are even labeled for entertainment purposes only. But, I am afraid a lot of people may see these and think that they are something they can use to determine their if they should drive home after a night of drinking.

So, this weekend, as you are planning your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, remember that breathalyzer you bought in the as seen on tv section is not accurate for determining your ability to drive after drinking! Do you really want to risk your life to an item that is sitting in the sale bin. Make the call before you have your first drink to have a sober designated driver.


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