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The Changing Face of DUI

Posted: May 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

What do you see when you picture an impaired driver? Most people when asked that question, reply young, around 21 and male. And while sometimes that is the case, the picture of the average DUI offender across the nation is changing. The population with numbers growing the most, women.

Yep, women. While the numbers for men drinking and driving are actually falling. Women seem to be taking their place. Statistics show almost a 30% increase from 1998 to 2007 in women getting DUI’s. This comes at the same time as reports saying women are binge drinking at higher rates as well. Are the two actions related? I think so. And researchers do too. They are just starting to study why these trends are happening, but are finding that women overall are participating in more and more risky behaviors.

It is important that we recognize these changes as we work in the area of awareness and education. Most anti-drunk driving marketing is geared toward men, and it appears it is time we catch on to what the alcohol marketing already has, women are a key market. It is also a great reminder, that impaired driving and related crashes can affect anyone. Just because someone doesn’t fit the stereotype of what we consider a typical drunk driver, doesn’t mean they won’t make that choice, so it is vital we educate everyone and anyone to always use a sober designated driver.

For more information on this study check out this article:


The Start of Summer

Posted: May 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

Every year Memorial Day weekend marks the true beginning of summer. Celebrated by the opening of pools and backyard cook-outs, memorial day seems to be the kick off to a season of outdoor fun and relaxation. It is also starts a dangerous season on our roadways. As traffic increases for summer travel, so do fatal crashes.

Nebraska State Patrol and other Nebraska Law Enforcement Agencies across the state are working throughout this busy summer traffic season to keep our roads safe. The 100 days of summer campaign is their effort to keep Nebraska’s roads safe from memorial day to labor day, through special enforcement efforts. They are working to drive down crash numbers over this summer and make sure we can all relax and enjoy these next few months. Their hard work will keep us all safer as we travel this year. We can all help them out by making good decisions throughout the summer months, making sure to always have a sober designated driver if your plans include alcohol and always wearing your seatbelt.

We here at MADD Nebraska hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend and a fun, safe summer.

A Big Thank You

Posted: May 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

Next week we get the opportunity to thank the men and women of Nebraska’s Law Enforcement that are working to keep our roads safe. It is always such an honor for us to sit in a room filled with the heroes who work day in and day out to keep our families safe. For the last 14 years we have taken a day to acknowledge the best of the best in the state of Nebraska for the year when it comes to DUI/DWI and MIP arrests and education, as well as partners in probation, county attorneys and community members. Success when it comes to drinking and driving involves all of these aspects and we know that MADD’s accomplishments are made by all of those people working hard across the board to reduce alcohol impaired driving.

We encourage you this week, in whatever you are doing to take a moment to thank the members of Law Enforcement. And to thank their families, for they too make many sacrifices, long hours, late nights, sudden calls, and never knowing if your loved one is coming home safe. So thank them all, tell them good job and acknowledge that the sacrifices they make are the ones that let us sleep easy at night. They are heroes and we don’t tell them often enough, so let’s all take this next week to make sure they know just how much we appreciate all they do for all of us!


Here at MADD we spend a lot of time educating people that we are more than just mothers, that fathers, brothers, sisters, friends, can all be involved in making a difference. In all of that, I think we sometimes forget, the Power of a Mother. Not that Dads, and brothers, and friends, don’t make a difference, they do! They are making a huge difference across our state, country and beyond and we can’t thank them enough for it! But, there is just something about how a mother can change the world.

We are Mothers Against Drunk Driving, because of a mother. A devastated, passionate, world changing mother. So many lives have been saved, because of her, joining with other mothers and saying they had enough. Because we all know, that nobody fixes a problem like a mother. Moms are the ones we turn to, when we skin our knee, when we fall in love and when we get our hearts broken, they dry our tears, hold our hands and celebrate our joys. They are our mothers and they have the power to make things better like no one else can.

While we haven’t yet eliminated drunk driving from our roads, we have seen great decreases in the numbers and a change in attitude across the country. This is the power of a mother, to make things better. Even when they feel they are at their worst, they have this amazing ability to make things get better. It may not happen over night, but when a mother puts her mind to something it will happen. We will find the day when drunk driving does not exist, because a bunch of mothers decided that one day it would happen.

As Mother’s Day approaches, we think about all of the mothers who have changed the world with their passion. We thank them, for the work they have done, sacrifices they have made and love they have shared. They are powerful, incredible women, and we thank them for being the amazing mothers that they are.