Would This Stop You?

Posted: June 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

As long as there have been organizations like MADD, there have been public service announcements that are working to encourage people to make the decision not to drink and drive. Some of them have catchy taglines we remember for years to come, who can forget, “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.” Some of them are filled with sad music and photos of young lives that have been taken too soon. And then, there are the ones like this recent PSA, the ones I refer to as the shock and awe campaigns. (Warning: The following link could be considered graphic)


So, the question is? What works? With all of the different approaches taken, which one is the one that makes you stop and think before you drive home after drinking. Does shock and awe help people to make a better decision, maybe? Some of these creative campaigns focus on reaching people, where they are making the decision, like a bar restroom. The in the moment effect could very well be, the decision to not drink and drive that night. We may never know if the impact stays with people, if the change made in that moment translates into a long term behavior change. But, we do know that these things make you think. Whether the ad is sad, scary our just catchy, if it is generating conversation then it is doing its job.

Do you think that one ad, the one decision, could be the one thing that saves one life? I don’t know for sure, but I do think it is sure worth trying. So keep on sharing and keep on talking, it could end up changing the way someone thinks about drinking and driving.


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