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Walk Like A Mom

Posted: July 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

We are changing Nebraska, one step at a time. It has taken years to get us to where we are at and it will take many more to get us to our end goal, a state with no drinking and driving. Until then, we will take the chance whenever we can to come together and show our communities, that we can end drunk driving, we are making a difference and they should join us in the fight. This year, we come together again for the Walk Like MADD event, on October 13th, 2013.

We are excited for our second annual walk to be bigger and better than our first! By adding more and more people to our event, we show that we have strength in numbers. We hope you will consider joining us for our event, because you too believe in our cause and know that our work is so far from done! Registration is open online at and is $20 for adults and $15 for youth. We encourage everyone to walk, whether on a team, on their own, or virtually if you can’t make the event. Know that the funds raised for this event stay here in Nebraska and help us work towards the MADD mission right here in our state.

Everyone will walk for their own reason, to change Nebraska, to share their passion, to remember. Every reason is important and every reason makes a difference. Each step we take together is a step to making our state safer. And while a walk may seem like a little thing to do, in the end you are making a big difference. When you walk with us on October 13th, you are becoming invested in our mission and showing others that MADD is a cause that is important to our communities. One step at a time, we save lives.


Jumping to Conclusions

Posted: July 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

We all do it. The act of deciding what is going to happen in the end, before we gather all of the information. I know I am guilty, I told my husband how the book I am reading was going to end the other night, but I am only 50 pages in. We watch crime thrillers and vote who done it, long before all of the evidence is gathered…and then expect that everything will be neatly wrapped up in under an hour. In real life, we don’t like cliff-hangers, so we predict what the next move is going to be. We jump to conclusions and make choices before we know all the details.

As of late we have seen a lot of people jumping to conclusions around car crashes. We admit sometimes it is hard not to. But, we want to encourage everyone, to wait for the facts before making the final call. Just because it looks like or sounds like a crash may be alcohol related, it is important to wait until we have confirmation from law enforcement. They are the ones in charge of collecting all of the evidence, doing all of the appropriate tests and making sure that all of the facts are right in the end. It is important to wait until we hear from them before we jump to the conclusion that a crash is alcohol related. There are a lot of other things it could be, a lot of factors that weigh in that we don’t see through the media.

What we can do is come together to support families in their time of loss, alcohol-related or not, a car crash fatality is always tragic and too sudden. And then we can step back and we can wait. Let the officers investigating the crash do their job and wait until we hear what they have to say instead of jumping to conclusions. And while we wait, feel free to jump to whatever conclusions you want about what happens next on your favorite television shows.

Smoking Alcohol

Posted: July 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

Yep, you read right, this is the newest craze. People are actually smoking alcohol. In the quest for a quicker, low-calorie high, people have discovered that you can vaporize and inhale alcohol instead of drinking it. Problem is, it is incredibly dangerous.

This new trend has been popping up across the country. It is being used by people who either want to get drunk without the caloric intake of drinking alcohol or by people who want to feel the impact of the alcohol even faster. People are even going so far as claiming this is a better way of getting drunk, because it isn’t as hard on your liver since your body isn’t digesting the liquor. Good for your liver, bad for your lungs, which get exposed to the alcohol when you breathe it into them.

Sadly, the bigger danger is how quickly you get intoxicated. The inhalation causes a faster but shorter lived high. And since you aren’t drinking the alcohol, it is much harder to determine how much you have had to drink. This means that it is incredibly easy to overdose. Plus, since you are bypassing the stomach and the liver you get a more concentrated version of the alcohol and you miss out on your bodies natural protection measures against alcohol poisoning. All of these factors together, means people are ingesting too much alcohol too quickly and putting themselves at risk.

All in all, this new trend is incredibly dangerous and is picking up speed with our countries youth. It is important to make sure we talk to our kids about the dangers of alcohol, no matter what form you are using it in. And while we are at it, we might want to talk to some adults about this dangerous decision as well!