The Stop That Could Save Your Life This Labor Day

Posted: August 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

In Nebraska, Labor Day signals both the winding down of the summer season (even if the 100 degree weather says differently!) and the start of football season. As we prepare for the holiday weekend, we want to thank the men and women of law enforcement who will be taking to the roads in an effort to stop impaired driving and save lives. Across the state in the next few days and weeks you will see extra enforcement in many forms, extra officers on the roads and at events, and working sobriety checkpoints.

We know many people don’t understand the importance of sobriety checkpoints. And surprisingly they are not done to “catch” drunk drivers, although that is often a by-product! Sobriety checkpoints are typically publicized and are meant to deter drinking and driving. It is important to realize that by making sure people know there is a risk of being caught, they often do exactly what we want them to, plan ahead with a designated driver before they start drinking.

This year, if your holiday or game day plans having you stopped at a checkpoint, we encourage you to take a minute to thank the officer helping to keep the roads safe. By paying attention and cooperating with the efforts, you will have yourself back on the road in no time at all, and have those who may be driving impaired, off the road.

Have a fun and safe  holiday weekend and remember, if your plans include alcohol, make sure they include a sober, designated driver.


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