Keeping Our Kids Safe

Posted: September 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Today marks the end of Child Passenger Safety Week, which works to bring awareness to the correct use of child car and booster seats. We here at MADD encourage parents to make sure their kids are safe by using these items correctly, but also want to bring attention to another aspect of child passenger safety, child endangerment.

In 2011, 226 child (under age 15) passengers were killed in drunk driving crashes, representing 20 percent of all child traffic fatalities, of which more than half (54 percent) were passengers in a vehicle with the drunk driver. Children are our most vulnerable population, and it is up to us to keep them safe.

“Child endangerment has reached a crisis level in our nation,” said Jan Withers, MADD National President. “Annually, MADD receives more than 17,000 phone calls related to child endangerment. Drunk driving with a child passenger is a form of child abuse and no child should ever be put in that kind of danger, especially by those entrusted to keep them safe,” Withers continued.

Nebraska is one of 44 states that have a child endangerment law, which means if someone drinks and drives with a child in the vehicle, they can be charged with a felony.  While we are incredibly proud of our state for having this law in place, we continue to work towards keeping our children safe from the dangers of drinking and driving. We want everyone to make the choice to use a sober, designated driver if they have been drinking, and we especially urge those who are taking care of children to think about how their choices affect those who have no choice. Let’s keep on working together to make sure children in our state are safe.


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