The Impact of an Injury

Posted: November 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

After the crash, there’s the impact. Those words are so true for families who have have loved ones killed in drunk driving crashes. they are just as true for those who are injured or have had a loved one injured. We so often forget that drunk driving doesn’t just kill, it bruises and breaks, cuts and tears and leaves scars behind that will never heal.

The injured crash victims are often the forgotten crash victims. Last year in Nebraska there were over 1,200 people injured in alcohol-related crashes. Those lives were all forever changed in an instant. And just because injuries heal, doesn’t mean that the impact of the crash ever does. Injured victims face a whole new world after a drunk driving crash. Maybe it is the injury that keeps them from being able to do something they love to do. Or a walker or wheelchair that makes their mobility different than it was before the crash. Maybe they suffered a brain injury, that leaves them having to re-learn things they had always been able to do. Sometimes, the new world they face isn’t mental or physical, but emotional. The memories of the crash that injured them can be haunting, they become part of their new life. Too many times there is a physical reminder of the crash that triggers the emotional trauma.

It is so important to remember that injured victims of drunk driving crashes need support and comfort, just as those who have lost family members do. They are suffering a loss of a different sort, the loss of the life they knew and the need to find their new future after the impact.


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