Drive High, Get A DUI

Posted: April 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

Catchy slogan right? It is part of Colorado’s newest marketing campaign. One that is working to combat driving high after the recent change to allow marijuana to be legal. In an effort to raise public awareness that driving high is illegal, just like driving drunk, Colorado took to the airwaves with a tongue in cheek psa.

Check out the new marketing here:

While many try to argue that driving under the influence of certain drugs is less dangerous than driving under the influence of alcohol. MADD realizes that both are dangerous and illegal. That is why we support victims of drugged and drunk driving crashes. Along with supporting the efforts of law enforcement to take substance impaired drivers off the road.

These public service announcements may make you chuckle when you watch them, but they do their job. They make you think twice about making the decision to drive impaired, no matter what substance is compromising your ability to drive. While we are sure there will still be a lot of bridges to cross as Colorado figures out all of the details of enforcement, we appreciate they are taking action to make sure people know, if you drive high in their state, you do get a DUI.


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