PowerTalk 21 Day

Posted: April 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

We too often underestimate the power that words can have. They have the power to change, sometimes for worse, sometimes for the better. On, April 21st, MADD Nebraska encourages parents to use the power of words, to better the lives of their teens, by starting the conversation about alcohol.

Each year, MADD marks April 21st as PowerTalk 21 Day. The day was created to encourage parents to find a time to start the conversation about alcohol with their teens. Too often, parents don’t send clear messages when it comes to drinking under the age of 21. Sometimes, because they believe the message is coming from many other places. Sometimes, because they drank underage themselves and believe it is just a right of passage for teens. We are here to tell parents, that it is important to start the conversation about alcohol and have it often.

By having clear talks about alcohol and setting a clear no alcohol before 21 expectation with teens, they are more likely to make the choice to not drink underage. In fact, 80 percent less likely to drink than those teens whose parents are not clear with their expectation. So why wait? By starting the conversation and sending a clear message, you are keeping your teens safe.

Need some help getting started? Check out MADD online’s Power of Parent Workshops on April 21st for help. They are available throughout the day on the 21st and are filled with great information to help you start the conversation about alcohol right away.


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