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How Much Do We Really Drink?

Posted: June 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

When was the last time someone asked you just how much you drink in a year? Did you answer honestly? A new report indicates that we are all bad about accurately reporting just how much we drink. In fact, the amount we report we drink across the nation, accounts for only half of what is sold each year.

The study used a few new questions to find out if people were being honest about their drinking habits. And turns out, they aren’t. In fact, low-risk drinkers, seem to report only about 1 in 4 drinks they consume. Oddly, the highest risk drinkers, are the most accurate when reporting how much they drink.

Interesting, to think how people self-report and how that mis-representation in how much people admit they drink relates to whether they make the choice to drive impaired. Do we make the same choices to underestimate our drinking behaviors, when we are deciding if we are able to drive home. My guess, is yes. Whether it is intentional, choosing to not admit that we actually had three drinks during dinner instead of the one we had planned. Or unintentional, because an actual serving size and the margarita the size of your head, should probably not be counted as the same number of drinks.

No matter what, this study is a good reminder, to always make the choice to designate a sober driver, before you start drinking. And a good reminder to really think about how much alcohol you are consuming. Being honest with ourselves can truly help us make better decisions in the long run. Check out this article to learn more about the study.