A Simple Red Ribbon

Posted: October 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

Sometimes the power of an object, is that it can say the things we can’t always say. A visual way to speak out without saying a word,  a conversation starter so we can share something of ourselves with others or an outward way to say we support something. Throughout this week week, students across the country will be using a simple object to show the world that they are going to make good choices and not drink until they are 21, a red ribbon. This simple red ribbon speaks volumes and we will be seeing them in school across the nation. They show us the power of youth. The power each young person has to say no, to take a stand and to encourage friends to do the same.

During red ribbon week, a simple red ribbon becomes positive peer pressure. And we here at MADD Nebraska are excited to be part of the movement. The MADD Power of (You)th program focuses on helping kids learn that they have the power to make good choices, to wait until they are 21 to drink and to never ride with a driver who has made the choice to drink. By encouraging young people to make these choices we are helping protect their future.

During red ribbon week and beyond, we here at MADD are encouraging students to make the choice to #protecturselfie. Make a pledge to not drink underage and post your photo using the hashtag to show yourself as a positive influence for others. And stop by the MADD state office to pick up your red ribbon and let it by the outward symbol of the good decisions you are making when it comes to alcohol.



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