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Thankful for Lives Saved

Posted: November 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and as the name implies, it is our day to give thanks. This year, we here at MADD Nebraska are thankful for lives saved. It is hard to give an exact number, but we do know that the work done by so many to spread the message and keep people from drinking and driving, ultimately saves lives.

We are thankful for those victim families, who allow MADD into their lives at one of the most difficult times they will ever experience. Those families who may never realize that they are the ones who inspire us each day to do our jobs and that their loved one is the face we picture when we are telling people that drunk driving is not a victim-less crime. They are the stories that put a face and a name on a crime and in turn motivate countless others to make the choice not to drink and drive. The pain they go through every day, so many will never know because they were brave enough to share their story and help someone make a better choice.

We are thankful for those who spend long days and even longer nights on the roads, arresting drunk drivers and keeping us safe. Hard work, dedication and a passion for the safety of all Nebraska are the trademarks of the men and women of our state’s law enforcement. We know that the work of our Law Enforcement across the state and the country is saving lives. Each arrest they make, is one person off the road that could have caused a fatal crash. So we are thankful for the work they do and the sacrifices they make each day to save lives.

We are thankful for those who support our mission, through time, talents and financial contributions. All of these things help to increase the reach of MADD Nebraska across the state. It is the generosity of so many that allows the MADD mission to be known throughout Nebraska and for that we are always thankful. We will never know how many lives are saved because people were connected with the MADD mission.

We are thankful for all the people who big or small have an impact here in our state. We don’t tell them thank you often enough, so as we approach this holiday of thankfulness, we are taking a moment to say thank you. Each of us here in the MADD Nebraska State Office, is thankful every day we get the privilege of working with so many people doing such amazing things to end impaired driving and to save lives. We wish you each a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope you remember today and always, that we are thankful for you, the people who make MADD Nebraska. You have touched so many hearts and saved so many lives and for that, we can never say thank you enough.