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Is High The New DUI?

Posted: February 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

MADD was founded 35 years ago. I often wonder if the founders had any idea at that time, what the future might hold. A future where we have moved the fight against drunk driving forward, brought it to the forefront and changed the conversation. And at the same time, a future where we are starting the fight all over again, to eliminate drugged driving. While we have long served the victims of both drugged and drunk driving, we are moving forward with the future and adding eliminating drugged driving to our mission. We want, and need, to be part of the solution to end drunk and drugged driving, and in the end have no more victims of these crimes. Is high the new DUI? Maybe, but it doesn’t mean we are done fighting the old DUI just yet.

Drugged driving is a problem that is getting more and more public recognition. It is hardly a new subject, but it is one that is coming to light as more states legalize certain drugs. It is also a very complicated issue. While testing for alcohol impairment is very straight forward, tests for drug impairment are more complicated. All of this means we have to work even harder to educate, and eliminate drugged driving. At the same time, the issue of drunk driving is not yet solved. While giant strides have been made forward, we still have a long way to go. By adding drugged driving to our mission, we are not forgetting the importance of drunk driving. We know that both of the issues are taking lives on our roads and we know that we need to work to end both of them.

In the 35 years since MADD started, times have changed and they will continue to. We know that some day the change will be that technology and education mean there is no more impaired driving. Cars will hold the cure to drunk driving, and at some point drugged driving as well. Until then, we count on the great work on law enforcement officers who are working to spot and stop impaired drivers. We educate, so rather than having to catch those driving impaired, they make the decision to not drive in the first place. That education is part of the reason we have seen declines in drunk driving, people are making better decisions because they know the true risks of drinking and driving.

There is a future with no more victims, no more lives lost to any sort of impaired driving. And we will get there. Until then, we are here. Working hard to end drugged and drunk driving. Standing up for those who no longer can. And Being a voice for victims of these violent crimes. We won’t stop, until there are no more victims.