Why We Walk.

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Each year we come together to walk for those who no longer can and beside those who are learning to walk again at our Walk Like MADD event. This year we will be walking at Holmes Lake in Lincoln on October 12th and we hope you will walk with us.

We each walk for a different reason. But we each walk to make a difference. We know that drunk driving does discriminate, everyone on the road is at risk when someone makes the decision to drink and drive. That is why we feel it is vital to raise awareness and teach people the true danger of getting behind the wheel after drinking. We walk because together we will end drunk driving. We walk because together we share a vision of a future with no more drunk driving victims. And we walk with the victims and survivors who are walking empowered when they feel powerless and with a purpose when they feel lost. We walk because the funds we raise each year, help us continue to offer these impacted families free victim services. It is the heart of our mission to stand beside victims and survivors as they face the life-changing impact of a drunk or drugged driving crash.

So why do we walk? The reasons are endless. But they all have something in common. We walk for hope. So please join us on October 12th at Holmes Lake in Lincoln, with day of registration starting at 1:00 p.m. and the walk starting at 2:30 p.m. We can’t wait to walk beside you and show Nebraska that together we will end drunk driving! Register today at www.walklikemadd.org/lincoln


How Much Do We Really Drink?

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When was the last time someone asked you just how much you drink in a year? Did you answer honestly? A new report indicates that we are all bad about accurately reporting just how much we drink. In fact, the amount we report we drink across the nation, accounts for only half of what is sold each year.

The study used a few new questions to find out if people were being honest about their drinking habits. And turns out, they aren’t. In fact, low-risk drinkers, seem to report only about 1 in 4 drinks they consume. Oddly, the highest risk drinkers, are the most accurate when reporting how much they drink.

Interesting, to think how people self-report and how that mis-representation in how much people admit they drink relates to whether they make the choice to drive impaired. Do we make the same choices to underestimate our drinking behaviors, when we are deciding if we are able to drive home. My guess, is yes. Whether it is intentional, choosing to not admit that we actually had three drinks during dinner instead of the one we had planned. Or unintentional, because an actual serving size and the margarita the size of your head, should probably not be counted as the same number of drinks.

No matter what, this study is a good reminder, to always make the choice to designate a sober driver, before you start drinking. And a good reminder to really think about how much alcohol you are consuming. Being honest with ourselves can truly help us make better decisions in the long run. Check out this article to learn more about the study.

Across our state, school is ending, weather is warming and we are all preparing for the start of summer. But, summer can be a very dangerous time on the roads in our state and across the nation. So as we kick off summer with Memorial Day weekend, it is important to remember to make safe choices for a safe summer.

First, always, always, always buckle your seatbelt. Always. No questions asked, no excuses, no matter where you are in the car, you should have your seatbelt on. Seatbelts truly do save lives. If you need more inspiration than that, check out the new Click It or Ticket Facebeook Page filled with great information and statistics informing you why wearing your seatbelt is the best choice!

Next, plan ahead. We know that many times holiday parties involve alcohol. So, if your plans include drinking, make sure your plans involve a sober designated driver. In 2012, 165 people were killed in alcohol-related crashes over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. There will be extra Law Enforcement out on the roads throughout the holiday weekend, so your choice to designate a driver could be the choice that saves you from the cost of a DUI.  Even more, your choice to designate a driver could save a life.

Last, have a fun weekend! Enjoy friends, family and hopefully, beautiful weather. Just make sure that you are buckled up and have a non-drinking driver if your plans include alcohol. Your choices help make sure you and everyone else on the road gets home safe. By starting the summer making these choices, we hope it inspires you to make them throughout the summer and the year. Because while alcohol-related crashes may spike around holidays like Memorial day, they happen every single day of the year.


PowerTalk 21 Day

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We too often underestimate the power that words can have. They have the power to change, sometimes for worse, sometimes for the better. On, April 21st, MADD Nebraska encourages parents to use the power of words, to better the lives of their teens, by starting the conversation about alcohol.

Each year, MADD marks April 21st as PowerTalk 21 Day. The day was created to encourage parents to find a time to start the conversation about alcohol with their teens. Too often, parents don’t send clear messages when it comes to drinking under the age of 21. Sometimes, because they believe the message is coming from many other places. Sometimes, because they drank underage themselves and believe it is just a right of passage for teens. We are here to tell parents, that it is important to start the conversation about alcohol and have it often.

By having clear talks about alcohol and setting a clear no alcohol before 21 expectation with teens, they are more likely to make the choice to not drink underage. In fact, 80 percent less likely to drink than those teens whose parents are not clear with their expectation. So why wait? By starting the conversation and sending a clear message, you are keeping your teens safe.

Need some help getting started? Check out MADD online’s Power of Parent Workshops on April 21st for help. They are available throughout the day on the 21st and are filled with great information to help you start the conversation about alcohol right away.

Drive High, Get A DUI

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Catchy slogan right? It is part of Colorado’s newest marketing campaign. One that is working to combat driving high after the recent change to allow marijuana to be legal. In an effort to raise public awareness that driving high is illegal, just like driving drunk, Colorado took to the airwaves with a tongue in cheek psa.

Check out the new marketing here: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/govbeat/wp/2014/03/10/watch-colorados-three-new-stoned-driving-psas/

While many try to argue that driving under the influence of certain drugs is less dangerous than driving under the influence of alcohol. MADD realizes that both are dangerous and illegal. That is why we support victims of drugged and drunk driving crashes. Along with supporting the efforts of law enforcement to take substance impaired drivers off the road.

These public service announcements may make you chuckle when you watch them, but they do their job. They make you think twice about making the decision to drive impaired, no matter what substance is compromising your ability to drive. While we are sure there will still be a lot of bridges to cross as Colorado figures out all of the details of enforcement, we appreciate they are taking action to make sure people know, if you drive high in their state, you do get a DUI.

Help Us Say Thank You!

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Each year, MADD Nebraska gets the privilege of thanking those who work to keep our roads safe from substance impaired driving. Not only the amazing men and women of law enforcement, but those who support their work in prosecution, probation, education and even through volunteer work. It is a team effort to not only take impaired drivers off the road, but to make sure they learn from their mistake and make better choices in the future. To recognize the hard work that so many put towards making these changes and keeping us all safe, we need your help. MADD knows there is great work being done all across our state, so we are asking for those of you who do it, see it or work with those doing it to nominate them for our awards. Awards will be given in the following areas:

Law Enforcement Awards

  • Adult DWI/DUI Enforcement-Individual
  • Adult DWI/DUI Enforcement-Team
  • MIP Enforcement-Individual
  • MIP Enforcement-Team
  • Drug Recognition Expert-Individual
  • Traffic Enforcement Mobilization-Team
  • Education & Awareness – Individual
  • Education & Awareness – Team
  • Outstanding Impact Award

Community Partner Awards

  • Probation – Individual
  • Probation – Team
  • Prosecutor – Individual
  • Community Collaboration – Team
  • MADD Volunteer – Individual

Nominations are currently being accepted and will be until March 28th. The nomination form and all of the details are available on the MADD Nebraska website at www.madd.org/ne. If you have any questions about the nomination process or the awards please contact the MADD Nebraska State Office at (402) 434-5330 or ne.state@madd.org.

Make Your Voice Heard

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Here at MADD our first priority is drunk and drugged driving, but when you work in this area you start to pay attention to all road safety issues. This year, there was a bill introduced in the Nebraska Legislature, that could make a huge impact on road safety in our state. LB807, The Nebraska Roadway Safety Act, would benefit the entire state by improving some key roadway safety measures. If passed, this bill would make the seat belt law in our state primary, instead of secondary. Meaning if law enforcement witnessed someone not wearing a seatbelt, they could pull them over for that offense alone. The bill does the same for texting and driving and for the provision of the graduated drivers license law. It also bans the use of cell phones for bus drivers while the bus is in motion.

We know that many of our MADD supporters, are supporters of roadway safety in general. So today, we ask you to make sure your voice is heard. This bill is currently in the transportation committee of the state legislature. So, if you are in support of these measures, make sure to make a call to your senator, especially if they are on this committee. It is important to make your voice heard, it is the only way that our state legislators know what the people of the state want. Not sure who your senator is or what committee they represent, find out more information here: http://nebraskalegislature.gov/senators/senator_list.php

No matter what issue you make the choice to be heard on, make sure you are being heard.