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Burger King is going to sell beer at a few of their selected chains.  

First and foremost, MADD is not against the sale of alcohol.  MADD is against the misuse of alcohol when it is over served, served to minors or people make the choice to drive impaired after drinking.  Remember Buzzed Driving IS Drunk Driving. 

Second, a point a parent brought to my attention, if the Burger Kings are going to sell beer will they employee only those over 21?  Now that is food for thought – no pun intended! 

Last, I want to go back to one of MADD’s programs and that is “Every Child Deserves a Designated Driver”.  So when you do go out please have a plan in place to have a sober driver when transporting your friends, family and our next generation.  

Children are our greatest resource and our future.

Well, if you want more on this topic all you have to do is Google and you will find over 400 news-related items just a click away.

OK last thing, I think it is somewhat contradictory that BK introduces a gluten senstive menu along with beer?!  Hmmm – have to ponder on that.