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How many times have we all thought about a back up system and then put it off to the next day?  If you are like me you thought of it but have you implemented it?  Sadly, yesterday everything went down and we could only recover records from 2006 and back.harddisk_crash_backup

When you think about the work we do on computers that is a BIG chunk of time, work and labor, ugh.  Well I am not going to complain and instead I will take full responsibility for not protecting our information.  I have been listening to Kim Komando,, for several months and I should have heeded her wisdom then but I did not. 

 Much like our crashes (car crashes that is) here at MADD, no one thinks it can happen to them until it does.  Then we look for help!  Thanks to Andrew Duey,, for tech support.  Andrew can’t pull information out of a hat but he can sure provide you the right tools to ensure you are on solid ground and know how to proceed to support your organization or company.  Andrew warned me and advocated for a better back up system, like many I listened with keen interest and then failed to follow through – that is the key to this blog.  Make a plan and follow through – whether it is your plan to designate a sober driver the night you go out with pals or a plan to set in place a backup system – get’r done!