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Calling all nominations!! 

MADD Nebraska is requesting nominations for outstanding work done, in our state, in the area of DWI, MIP, traffic mobilization, education on underage drinking, prosecution and probation in 2010. Law enforcement is the front line to eliminating drunk driving on our roads across the state. Arrests made, in relation to impaired driving, save lives. Lives of our family members, neighbors and community friends.

 I would also like to take a moment and reflect on the families of law enforcement personnel and thank them for all that they give up – often law enforcement is called away from traditional family settings (birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, vacations) to testify, work late shifts, reconstruct accident scenes.  MADD knows and appreciates the hours law enforcement agencies commit to – to ensure our roads are safe to drive day or night. 

Make sure your agency, outstanding officer, elected official gets the recognition they deserve for the hard work accomplished, lives saved and a community that enjoys a safe drive home to be with family another day!
You can find the 2010 Outstanding Law Enforcement Award nomination form by clicking the link below.


Nominations are due to the State Office March 31, 2011!


The media has been buzzing over a 14 time drunk driver.  There are at least 200 offenders in our state of that caliber. Last year alone, in our state, law enforcement arrested approximately 14,000 individuals for DUI. 

This is not a unique crime in our state, sad to say.    Never forget that drunk driving is the most frequently committed crime in our state.

We must pledge to not become complacent or weary of the continued arrests – for each arrest means a life saved as far as MADD is concerned.  We applaud law enforcement for the tenacity to keep our roads safe for us to travel.

Write to your local judge or county prosecutor and ask why they are not using ignition interlock, a tool proven to be effective while on probation, to keep the public safe? We are all victims when the courts continue to let us down by not using resources at their disposal.  The legislature passed the law to implement ignition interlocks – now we all need to ensure the judges use them.

This week KOLN/KGIN is running a week long segment on “DUI:The Hangover”  On behalf of MADD, I want to thank those who have spoke out, during this DUI segment,  about the violent crime that DUI presents to our community.  Thanks to Chief Tom Casady, Lincoln Police Department, for speaking candidly about the amount of resources needed (tax payers dollars) to stop drunk driving, the public safety threat that drunk drivers present to innocent victims and the unimagianble loss when a community member is seriously injured or killed.

Chief Tom Casady

Chief Tom Casady

I want to encourage you to watch all of the segments to better understand ALL that has been accomplished and we certainly have more to do.  Nevertheless, let’s not lose sight of the good news and that is alcohol-related deaths in Nebraska in 2008 had a 30% decline, from 92 to 67.  That is something to acknowledge.  Much of the decline can be attributed to enforcement, enforcement, enforcement.  Thanks goes out to law enforcement for being viglient and not tolerating drunk driving in our communities.  More thanks goes to prosecutors for holding the offender accountable and then continued thanks goes to probation officers as they work to ensure we do not have an individual reoffend.

MADD knows all too well the cost of drunk driving all you need to do is visit our tribute page to understand the pain and loss of family members, friends and communities when an alcohol-related crash hits home.

We help survivors survive

We help survivors survive

If you or someone you know is a victim of drunk driving and would like to have support please call MADD Nebraska, 800-444-6233, we are here to support you.

Simera Reynolds, M.Ed.

State Executive Director

As we strive together to achieve our mission, it is ever so essential not to overlook one of our best neighbors – law enforcement.  The first line in our mission states: to stop drunk driving.  There is no one else better equipped to assist MADD in achieving that goal than law enforcement. They are our front line in defense.  They have the ability to stop drunk driving through enforcement. Enforcement of state laws that have been passed by our legislators, signed by our governors and supported by people like you and me. 

Prosecutor Award, Mandy Trout, Colfax County Attorney's Office

Prosecutor Award, Mandy Trout, Colfax County Attorney's Office

The MADD Nebraska State Operations Council has seven enforcement representatives, from city police to county sheriff’s to probation to county attorneys.  The State Organization is not the only one to reap the benefits that law enforcement, as volunteers, can provide to our community groups.  The MADD Greater Omaha Community Action Site has both a local city police officer and lieutenant with the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Department as active members; the Greater Omaha CAS utilizes a Valley Police Officer as a Trained Volunteer Victim Advocate.  MADD in Holt County has the full support of the Mayor who happens to be what else?  A Nebraska State Trooper.  MADD has a SOC member from Box Butte County making sure western Nebraka is not left out

Getting to know law enforcement officers across the state, for the state office, has been truly rewarding and I encourage each of you in your community to take time to get to know your local officers.  Ask them to become a MADD member.

All too often law enforcement goes unrecognized for their vigilant work to stop drunk driving.  This year MADD Nebraska held our 10th annual “Outstanding Law Enforcement Award” ceremonies.  MADD is proud, as an organization, to commend law enforcement across the state for their efforts in eliminating drunk driving and maintaining public safety.

Midnight Accident Unit, make 945 DUI arrests.  MADD applauds OPD work.

Midnight Accident Unit, make 945 DUI arrests. MADD applauds OPD work.

  From this annual event, MADD has made friends, changed views, learned new views and most of all found a partner that is willing to help us achieve our mission: to stop drunk driving.  Just as we work with victims to support them, law enforcement has taken an oath to uphold our state laws. Law enforcement constitutes the front line in our fight to end impaired driving.  Embrace that partnership!

I am saddened that a sports figure in our state would go out and drive drunk  only 72 hours after a major sports figure, and two others, were cut down by a repeat drunk driver in California.  I know what everyone thinks  – it will never happen to them.  I don’t want to preach – I just know all too well drunk driving does not discriminate.  

Mr. Paul needs to take a step back and consider himself  fortunate that he didn’t seriously injure himself or somebody’s mom.

Don’t think the irony doesn’t hit home hard when you consider that Joba Chamberlain was just setenced  here in our state for drunk driving – a Yankee’s Pitcher.  When you make the choice to play sports, be it collegiate or professional, you make the choice to set an example – like it or not.

Simera Reynolds

Executive Director