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This is a tough pill to swallow.  Sarpy County District Judge Arterburn issued a 14-page ruling agreeing with the defense attorney that the golf course (where a golf cart crash killed a woman) was not open to public access at the time of the fatal wreck.  Hmm, does thisgolfcart imply if the golf cart crash had taken place in the open hours it would have meant that felony motor vehicle homicide did take place?  The offender, Kimberly McIllece had a blood alocohol content of .198 more than twice the legal limit.

 “Clearly an individual who is twice the legal limit and driving a motorized vehicle is a public health issue for all of us” stated Senator Tony Fulton, District 29.

Nebraska Unicameral

When a person gets into any recreational vehicle and drives over the legal limit resulting in a death they need to be held accountable.  Each of us has a duty to call on our state senator and let them know that we are concerned for our public safety. This is an issue that will not cost the tax payer any money to clear up and will result in stronger and more consistent treatment of those who make the choice to break our state laws. 

You have the voice – – and now you have the resource.  E-mail your state senator and let them know that we want to make sure that those who drive drunk are held accountable and especially at night!  It does not matter if you are operating a boat, a motorcycle or a golf cart.  Here in Nebraska we have standards and that standard is .08.

There is no time like the present.  With a Special Session around the bend your state senator will be in Linclon.  The tax revenues may be low but our standards can still stay high.  Thank you for taking time to voice your concern – every victim deserves a voice.  Thanks for yours!