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Here at MADD we want to acknowledge that April 18 is the beginning of Crime Victims’ Rights Week.  The first National Crime Victims’ Rights Week was launched by President Ronald Reagan in 1981, a year after the founding of Mothers Against Drunk Driving in 1980.

Thanks to the vision and action of many, and in particular President Reagan, every state has passed a victims’ rights law and  there are a multitude of statutes in every state that empower crime victims with hard-won legal protections.

In Nebraska, LB 270 was passed (41– 4) in 2004 to secure the enacting legislation to ensure ALL victims had the right to present their victim impact statement at sentencing and that victims of crime had the right to be in court.  In our state county attorneys have the duty to contact those impacted by crime and assure them of their rights.

MADD Nebraska has a trained victim advocate on staff and two trained volunteer victim advocates to assist those impacted by

Need help to pick up the pieces - 800-MADD-HELP

drunk driving.  If you are a victim of an alcohol-related crash please know that we are here to support you as you navigate through court, financial struggles, property damage, injuries and grief.  Our motto is “we help survivors survive” and we do it with dignity, respect and the fairness you deserve.

Many of us never thought we would find ourselves needing anyone to help but all too often something bad does happen and then you have pieces to pick up. We just want you to know you don’t have to do it alone.


Today, here at MADD, there was a fair amount of conversations and e-mails regarding the large house party with underage drinking in Sarpy County as advertised on Facebook.  Most disturbing was the busing of attendees to and from the house party from a local parking lot. 

I hate to state the obvious but it is illegal to consume in our state if you are under 21.  Second it is illegal to drive after consuming alcohol, zero tolerence, for those under 21. Last, Nebraska has a Social Host Law that would allow for a civil law suit if anyone was to have been injured by a party goer at this event. 

Now I do have to restate the obvious just for a historical record:college-students

Underage Drinking and the 21 Minimum Legal Drinking Age (MLDA) Law


In July 1984, Congress and President Ronald Reagan enacted legislation that set the national minimum legal drinking age of 21. For those states that failed to adopt the 21 minimum drinking age as required by the new law, federal highway construction funds were withheld. By 1988, all states had adopted the new minimum drinking age. Since that time, the law has proven to be one of the nation’s most important and lifesaving laws to protect youth.


In our mission statement MADD states that we work to prevent underage drinking, why?  Because we care about our youth, because we know that drunk driving is a violent crime and most importantly it is the law.

Simera Reynolds

State Executive Director